Local Business Search

How to Search Businesses by Date
Search Businesses by Date
1. Click on the Search Records button.
2. Click on the box below License Start Date is on or after. 
3. Select "the date..."
4. Select the date from the calendar.
5. Click on the activate button to filter the records.

How to Search by Business Type
Search by Business Type
You can filter by Industry, Category and/or Description. The Industry and Category are derived from the NAIC code.  After you select an Industry only the Categories that are part of that Industry will show up in the selection box for Categories.

1. Click on the Search Records button.
2. From the drop down next to Industry select the Industry.
3. Click on the Activate Button and check the record table at the bottom of the map.
4. If you need to refine your selection you can select a Category.

Hint:  Restaurants fall into many Categories so to search for Restaurants enter Restau in the box under "Description starts with".  Leave the Industry and Category boxes blank.

Menu for filtering records with Industry and Category selected.

How to Select Business Using the Map
Select Businesses Using the Map

1. Zoom to the area where you want to select businesses.  
2. Click on the Select on Map button.
3. Choose the type of geometry to select with by clicking on the arrow next to Select.

menu for selecting businesses using the map

4. Draw the selected geometry on the map around the area you would like to select and the businesses will be selected.
How to Download Records
How to Download Records
1. Go to the bottom of the map and click on Options in the upper left of the record table.
2. Select Export all to CSV.  This will download a CSV file which you can open in Excel.

Picture showing how to download records